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You are growing your site or creative business and need some amazing, evergreen content to keep the eyes on you.  As a blogger and small business owner, I get that and would love to help!  I have loved to write since I was in middle school and take pride in my conversational, offbeat and approachable writing style.  I can adjust tone where needed and will work with you to get you exactly what you want (within reason, of course!).

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What is Business Writing?

Business writing is a specialised interaction tool, it is also known as professional writing or business communication. Organizations and further professional groups always use business languages to communicate with different individuals or parties. Organizations use this source as an internal or external medium. For example, business emails, memorandums, business reports and several other types of communication are always in business language. The important factor of business writing is linked with the buying or selling of business products. The other purpose is business content which linked with entity of business and relates with its purposeful and specific transactions among business audience and write

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Types of Business Writing

Business writing is used in memos, reports, business proposals and other professional communication. They are all types of business writing and every type have different purpose. In several business settings. There are four major types business writing: instructional, persuasive, transactional and informational. Nevertheless, which type you are using in business communication it shows the clarity and succinctly which further reflects the level of professionalism

Instructional Business Writing

Instructional business writing provides accurate information to business readers about which task need to be complete in specific time. The task may need to be done with immediate effect or need to be done in future with informed deadlines. This type of tasks must be divided into different process which must be understandable to the business reader. The mentioned information must be specific and knowledgeable to its area

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Informational Business Writing

Business writing did not need action, the main purpose of this type of writing is used for large volume of record keeping or for specific reference. This kind of writing did not involve in fancy things but still it is important document. This process involves recording business information so precisely, which can be use anytime in future.

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Persuasive Business Writing

In persuasive business writing all information is link with the sales of business. In this type of writing information is direct and focus on single item, which further leads to developing better relationship with client. The main purpose of this writing is two way: to convey the information to client and convince the customer for best offer. 

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Transactional Business Writing

Everyday business communication under the heading transactional business writing. This category mainly involves the email. It also includes official letter head, sales invoices and other informational forms. These types of documents used in the evaluation of general progress of business.

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It is concluded that, all types writing services has an objective to achieve, for example in business writing financial reports must be precise and accurate. If the report has some faults it can destroy the financial of business. If the reports are designed and well explained by experienced business writers then there is no chance of failure. The most important thing is getting your goals and objective clear in business writing. Once the objective is clear anyone can work on. So, the writing services are important for development and growth of business.