What is Grant?

Grant is the monitory funding which is being provided to any non-profit organization for the purpose of serving the society. Grant is issued for any specific objective, which is for the well-being of community such that, to promote education in the specific community, to provide the clean water to the society and for the funding of health unit as well. However, you must have to prove the ability to allocate the grant for the desired goal.

Issuance of Grants and Contracts

Fund maker issue grants on the basis of their requirements, strategies, and goals such that, Arc grants and funds are for those people who work for the economic development in the southern New York and Mississippi because these countries need the research in the area of economic development. Their motive is to minimize the ratio of poverty through different research and economic development programs. The grant proposal is designed according to the requirements of the fund makers.

What is Grant Writing?

The grant writing is the proposal which discusses five major points in details, Firstly, the problem area which an organization wants to serve such that, to highlight the major health of educational issues of the company. The prime motive of this section is to describe the situation for which the funding is required.  Secondly, it involves the detail of your organizational motive such that, to improve the health level of the society. However, defining the motive or objective is not an easy task because it involves research and you have to define your organizational plan about serving the specific community. You have to convince the donor that, you got the skills and abilities to resolve the issue from the funding. The stepwise description of an excellent grant writing is as follows.

Step No 1:

To Agree on the Problem

You have to convince the grant maker that, there is an existing problem and you have the capability to allocate the funded money at the proper place.

Impact of the problem

As a non-profit organization, you have to describe the adverse impact of the specified problem on the society or, on the specific community as well.   Moreover, your funding clearly specified the fact that, the need can be satisfied with the donation. To convince the other party is not an easy task because it requires professional writing skills.

Involvement of the stakeholders

A stakeholder is any party which directly or indirectly, create an impact on your business. The major stakeholders, in that case, are the fund makers and the community which you are going to serve. You have to conduct a meeting with stakeholders in order to convince them and be ready for the disagreement and negotiation. The involvement of stakeholders makes the purpose more clear and convincing.

Causes of the Problem

The section of the problem required research and analysis because it describes, the reasons for the problem. For instance, unemployment in the reason of poverty and illiteracy.


Description of What are you going to achieve?  

You already describe the problem; now it is the time to describe the solution of the problem. Fund makers mainly focus on the proposed solution of the situation.


The solution should be realistic and according aligned with the resources, team, and capability of your organization. The unrealistic solution results in the rejection of the fund.

Identifying the key outcomes

The identification of key outcomes is vital to write the possible outcomes is as follows.

  • The improvement in the education level of the community, due to the funded resources.
  • Major improvement in health sector which reduces the health hazards of the society.
  • Implementation of filter water programs

Our Grant Writing Services

We have written grants at a 73% success rate for 595 clients nationwide.  Our services are limited to:

1)  US based 501c3 organizations that serve programs in the US only
2)  Organizations that provide all of the necessary documents at the time of order confirmation:

Those documents include:

  • 501c3 letter of determination
  • 990 EZ or 990 form
  • Annual Budget
  • List of Board members with contact information and career affiliation
  • W9 form
  • Copy of other grant proposals
  • Completed Client Intake Form (sent upon payment)

We have a team of licensed grant writers with 35 years of experience in corporate, family and community foundation grants.  We will research opportunities, identify good matches for your organization, and draft grant proposals to fit your funding needs.  

Why Federal Writers?

We have serve hundreds of  clients across the United States that focus on animal welfare, arts and culture, disaster mitigation, education, environment, faith based agencies, health and human services, historical preservation, and social services.

Let us help you jump into the grant writing pool with a few funding proposals from corporate, family and/or community foundations that serve your service area!

Step No 3

Develop a program or game plan

It is the time to define the path and answer the question, how you are going to achieve? The path should be clearly defined, but it not necessarily the quickest and cheapest path. Before defining the path, you must follow the following steps.

Get an expert opinion

Get information from the expert of the field. The fund makers and government have their experts who help you in this case In order to build a long term relationship with fund makers; it is necessary to show them, that you are interested in their expense later on as well.

Get the help from experienced researcher

Arrange a meeting of half an hour with the experienced personals because they know, how to develop a program. The experience researchers meant by those individuals, who already work in this position or in the same kind of project as well.

Step No 4

Description of the allocation of funded Money.

The most important part of the proposal is the allocation of the funded money. Fund makers are very much interested in this section because this section provides the outline that, the funded money is used in the best place.

Write down a Summary

A well-written summary of one or two paragraphs is an important part of the proposal which describes the complete description of the company and the services of the company.

These two paragraphs should answer the following questions.

Who are you? A complete description of the company for the dinars because they are not known about your organization.

What are your services? This question tells the donor that you have the abilities and skills to put up the money at the desired place.

Step No 5

Check the requirements of the fund makers.

The recheck of the fund maker’s requirements is vital to design and effective proposal because all of you efforts are for getting funds and if it is not fulfilling the requirements of the fund makers then the proposal is inappropriate.

Want to Hire a professional Grant writer ?

If you have no experience of writing a proposal, then it’s better to hire a professional for that particular purpose. A professional writer must have a strong portfolio and proven writing experience. If it is an individual, then he or she must have the capability of designing and editing the document according to the requirement of the fund maker.

You only have one chance to impress your investor! Don’t make a mess of it. You need to stand out from the rest with a professionally prepared business plan that tells the story of your business. Our Grant Writing Services will be a complete plan that will include:

  • 3 Years Financial Projection with Graphs and Charts
  • Executive Summary
  • Mission Statement

There is a number of grant writing services in the USA which are providing the facility of proposal writing for various funding schemes. However, the cold reader review is very much important because their review depicts the comments of the general public. If you are new to the field, then there are many proposal writing services which guides you and assist you and help you out in the fund getting as well.