Top 10 Medical Research topics for Phd Dissertations

Topic selection is the first step while opting for your Phd dissertation or research work. Topic selection seems very simple but it\’s not that so simple because your topic will only be approved if it fill the research gap which you can only decide after reading few research papers. Sometimes your supervisor can help you in topic selection but most of the time you have to do at your own to get the approval.

Following are some topics in medical field that you can narrow down to your specific area of interest or region and then get it approved from your university.

  1. Evaluation of occurrence of nosocomial infections and the efficacy of prophylactic regimen among patients in the trauma ward The research topic aims to assess the frequency of development of infections in patients in the trauma wards. As much as the practice involves putting all patients on prophylactic antibiotics, the effectiveness of the medicines is not a guarantee. The topic will thus enable determination of the efficacy of the recommended microbial preventive regimen. Data from the study can hence be used to suggest changes, including dose and medicine adjustments, that should be implemented to curb nosocomial infections occurrence, thus fastening the patient\’s recovery.
  2. A study of antimicrobial resistance patterns among inpatients on antibiotic treatment for tuberculosis – Antimicrobial resistance among various infectious microbes is an international public health menace. Reports have shown bacterial resistance in all classes of antibiotics. Conversely, the development of new bacterial resistance is a norm in today’s world. The study will enable the identifying of any new pattern of resistance to a specific antibiotic. The recommendations of the research will then give the possible measures to take to address the emerging resistance pattern if any. Furthermore, the discovery of new resistant strains of bacteria can result from the research. 
  3. Assessment of the financial burden experienced by complex chronic conditions patients in their management – Ailments such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes, among associated lifestyle diseases is continually becoming a threat. These conditions, in most cases, require a life term management as they are not curable. For this reason, managing the conditions come with a large chunk of expenditure. The research topic will enable suggestions to enable affordable treatment options in addition to measures that are already in place to ensure the same. The study can identify emerging causes of the burden and suggest solutions for the same in the bid to reduce the cost for the patients.
  4. Evaluation of causes of depression and mental health awareness among school-going teenagers – Depression is a common problem among teenagers and results in suicidal thoughts, as most suicides involving adolescents are a result of depression. This research will hence identify the causes of depression and recommend the measures to take to avoid the precipitating factors. Additionally, the awareness of teenagers of mental health is an essential factor in reducing depression. It is equally important to assess the apprehension as, without it, most teenagers will be prone to l with a consequent increase in suicide cases.
  5. Assessment of the benefits that have come with the implementation of eHealth by public health facilities – Digitization of the health sector is one of the critical pillars of Primary Health Care targeting to achieve the Universal Health Coverage. The research topic is to enable evaluation of the performance of the health sector with the use of communication and information technologies. It is vital to determine the efficiency of eHealth inpatient treatment while recommending changes and adjustments to make to attain its full potential in proficient health services delivery. Consequent, the study will help improve the performance of the sector of health. d  
  6. Maternal adherence to their children’s vaccination schedule and childhood vaccination perception and barriers – Childhood vaccination is essential is preventing children from contracting contagious and life-threating diseases in the course of their lives. Compliance of mothers to the schedule of immunization is hence equally of the essence, but this is not usually the case in some instances. The study seeks to find out the rate of adherence to immunization plan and establish any occurrence of non-compliance. Generally, an individual’s perception is a crucial determinant of whether they will take part in something or not, and this applies to vaccination too.
  7. A study of knowledge, attitude, and practice of gallstones patients and their caregivers towards herbal medicine use in treatment – Recurrence is a significant problem associated with conventional gallstones treatment. Additionally, the cost of treatment is also very high. Considering herbal medicine as a treatment option could be part of solutions to standard medicine problems. The research topic will ensure establishing the awareness of the patient of herbal treatment alternative. For the patients already using the herbal remedies determining efficacy will be possible. Recommendations on the incorporation of herbal medicine in cost effective treatment of gallstones can arise from the study. 
  8. Evaluation of the practice of managing patients with chronic conditions at home with comparison to hospital admission of the patients – Home-based chronic patients’ management is nowadays a common practice. The study will address the benefits of the exercise. The number of patients with chronic conditions is on the rise; hence, overstretching of hospital amenities would occur if the admission of every single one of the patients occurs. Managing these patients at home is a convenient alternative. Research on the same will come up with ways of strengthening the practice to make it accessible and reduce the burden put on hospitals by growing numbers of inpatients. 
  9. The effects of exposure to nature on the moods of patients diagnosed with depression –Management of depression majorly focuses on behavioral and drug therapy though other several methods are equally valid. There is evidence showing that exposing a patient to nature, sunlight included, can be used in depression management. The technique is not that involved in terms of medical personnel. The research aims to establish the effectiveness of the method and recommended it for use as it is convenient and cost effective, making depression management successful using a more straightforward technique. 
  10. Assessment of risk factors associated with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) using patient profile and evaluation of the management of SLE – There several documented predisposing factors that precipitate SLE. The study bases on confirming that these factors, indeed, are evident in patients with the disease playing a role in its development. The research will further look into the treatment plan for the patients to find out if the employed remedies are efficient. From the results obtained, the study will recommend the various measures to take to reduce exposure to the modifiable risk factors and also necessary changes and adjustments in the drug therapies the patients are on.

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