Top 100 Topics for Dental research paper

Here we are listing top 100 topics in dental research that you can further narrow down to your specific area of interest with broad research. These topics are most cited and mostly read on internet that will give you a strong reason to further research on these topics for your next research paper or the dissertation.
Bellow you will find the you.

Topics for Dental research

  1. The effect of metronidazole plus amoxicillin or metronidazole plus penicillin V on periodontal pathogens in an in vitro biofilm model.
  2. Microbiological and Clinical Results of Metronidazole Plus Amoxicillin Therapy in Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans-Associated Periodontitis.
  3. Optimal dose and duration of amoxicillin-plus-metronidazole as an adjunct to non-surgical periodontal therapy: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, placebo-controlled trials.
  4. Association between proton pump inhibitors and periodontal disease severity.
  5. Survival rate and associated factors affecting pulpectomy treatment outcome in primary teeth
  6. Relationship between hypothyroidism and periodontitis: A scoping review.
  7. The granulation tissue preservation technique in regenerative periodontal surgery—a randomized controlled clinical trial.
  8. Influence of professional dental hygiene on oral and general health of retirement home residents: A comparative study.
  9. Oral health related quality of life and reasons for non-dental attendance among patients with substance use disorders in withdrawal rehabilitation.
  10. Systematic review of studies examining contribution of oral health variables to risk prediction models for undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.
  11. The relationship between patient’s participation in shade selection and their satisfaction with their dental prostheses.
  12. Applications of scanning electron microscopy and focused ion beam milling in dental research.
  13. Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome: Oral findings and microbiota in children and review of the literature.
  14. Temporomandibular disorder as risk factor for radiation-induced trismus in patients with head and neck cancer.
  15. Mouthwashes with CPC Reduce the Infectivity of SARS-CoV-2 Variants In Vitro
  16. Oral Manifestations in Patients with COVID-19: A 6-Month Update
  17. Antiviral Activity of Reagents in Mouth Rinses against SARS-CoV-2
  18. Frequent and Persistent Salivary Gland Ectasia and Oral Disease After COVID-19
  19. Sources of SARS-CoV-2 and Other Microorganisms in Dental Aerosols
  20. ElectroNonrestorative Treatments for Caries: Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysisnic Cigarettes and Oral Health
  21. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Emerging and Future Challenges for Dental and Oral Medicine.
  22. Salivary Glands: Potential Reservoirs for COVID-19 Asymptomatic Infection
  23. COVID-19 Transmission in Dental Practice: Brief Review of Preventive Measures in Italy
  24. Salivary Glands: Potential Reservoirs for COVID-19 Asymptomatic Infection
  25. Effect of the thickness and translucency of the lithium disilicate veneer ceramic on the optical properties of bilayered zirconia.
  26. Investigation the angulation of maxillary impacted canines by using cone-beam computed tomography.
  27. The effect of cold drinks on the coloration of resin-containing restorative material.
  28. Comparison of the accuracy of three different electronic apex locators used in root canals enlarged in different apical diameters.
  29. Investigation of nanohardness values of dual-cure, bulk-fill composite resins at different time intervals.
  30. Shortening of bones using novel contraction osteogenesis device: An experimental study.
  31. Investigation of the effect of different application techniques on microhardness in bulk-fill composite resins.
  32. The effect of mesenchymal stem cells, demineralized bone graft and platelet-rich plasma on osteogenesis in rat tibia defects.
  33. Comparison of the accuracy of different electronic apex locators used in working length determination via changing of initial cleaning solutions.
  34. Comparing the effect of Reciproc R25 rotary file system on the amount of apical extrusion of debris via using it with different reciprocal angles.
  35. Assessment of the anxiety levels of orthodontic patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  36. An evaluation of the relationship between dental anxiety and oral health in children based on maternal dental anxiety.
  37. Readability and content assessment of patient information texts on oral cancers found on Turkish websites.
  38. The comparison of cyclic fatigue resistance of two different reciprocal files according to different access angles into the root canal.
  39. Clinical and radiological of the effects of two different implant surfaces on marginal tissues.
  40. Evaluation of the stress distribution in the cortical bone caused by variations in implant applications in patients with bruxism: A three-dimensional finite element analysis.
  41. Examination of the stresses of the implants applied to the atrophic edentulous maxilla on the maxillary bone.
  42. Evaluation of the dental anxiety levels of patients applying to the faculty of dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  43. Finite elements analysis of stresses formed in core and spongious bone tissue by restored implanted fixed prostheses with Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and fiber-reinforced composite.
  44. Long-term follow-up in lower right second premolar tooth with a dental follicle but no tooth bud: A case report.
  45. Investigation the angulation of maxillary impacted canines by using cone-beam computed tomography.
  46. The effect of cold drinks on the coloration of resin-containing restorative materials.
  47. Biomechanic and biochemical analysis of the effects of local Ankaferd Blood Stopper application on osseointegration of titanium implants.
  48. Microleakage of two different posterior composites and a high-viscosity glass-ionomer cement: An in vitro study.
  49. Root canal cleaning with different reciprocating and rotary instrumentation systems.
  50. Investigation of the effects of different chelating solutions on the microhardness and surface roughness of root canal dentin.
  51. Volumetric pulp chambers measurements in mandibular and maxillary permanent first molar using cone-beam computed tomography by age and gender.
  52. Determining the Size of the Mental Foramen: A Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Study.
  53. Determination of Periodontal Status and Smoking Habits with CPITN Index.
  54. Use of a Surgical Guide in a Crown-Lengthening Procedure to Improve the Aesthetics of the Interdental Papillae: A Case Report.
  55. Factors associated with cost conversations in oral health care settings.
  56. Precision periodontics: Quantitative measures of disease progression.
  57. Oral functional impairment may cause malnutrition following oral cancer treatment in a single-center cross-sectional study.
  58. Reliability and accuracy of dental MRI for measuring root canal length of incisors and canines: a clinical pilot study.
  59. Deep learning-based fully automatic segmentation of the maxillary sinus on cone-beam computed tomographic images.
  60. The role of the randomised controlled trial in restorative dentistry and the correct purpose of observational data.
  61. Mouthwash and diabetes – a cause for concern?
  62. “Difficult” dental patients: a grounded theory study of dental staff’s experiences.
  63. The relationship between tooth loss and hypertension: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
  64. The relationship between ocular and oral dryness in a cohort from the 65-year-old population in Norway.
  65. A new digital evaluation protocol applied in a retrospective analysis of periodontal plastic surgery of gingival recessions.
  66. Gene expression profiling on effect of aspirin on osteogenic differentiation of periodontal ligament stem cells.
  67. Efficacy of an occluding toothpaste on dentinal hypersensitivity over 14 days.
  68. Metabolic plasticity enables lifestyle transitions of Porphyromonas gingivalis.
  69. Chronic fibrosing osteomyelitis of the jaws: an important cause of recalcitrant facial pain. A clinicopathological study of 331 cases in 227 patients.
  70. The role of structural parameters on efficiency and transparency of semi-transparent non-fullerene organic solar cell.
  71. A low-profile broadband crossed-dipole antenna with fractal structure and inverted-L plates.
  72. Identification and analysis of deletion breakpoints in four Mohr-Tranebjærg syndrome (MTS) patients.
  73. Low Covid-19 infection rate period is associated with a rebound increase in preterm birth rate.
  74. Evolution of high-order Tamm plasmon modes with a metal-PhC cavity.
  75. Regulation of membrane protein structure and function by their lipid nano-environment.
  76. A bitter pill to swallow? Impact of affective temperaments on treatment adherence: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
  77. Ecological effects of stress drive bacterial evolvability under sub-inhibitory antibiotic treatments.
  78. Leakage current characteristics in estimating insulator reliability: experimental investigation and analysis.
  79. Wearable accelerometer-derived physical activity and incident disease.
  80. Exploring the role of octanol-water partition coefficient and Henry’s law constant in predicting the lipid-water partition coefficients of organic chemicals.
  81. Genetic, maternal, and environmental influences on sociality in a pedigreed primate population.
  82. Ultrafine nanoporous intermetallic catalysts by high-temperature liquid metal dealloying for electrochemical hydrogen production.
  83. Predictive study of pharmacological reversal for residual neuromuscular blockade and postoperative pulmonary complications: a prospective, observational, cohort study.
  84. Effect of acetylcholine deficiency on neural oscillation in a brainstem-thalamus-cortex neurocomputational model related with Alzheimer’s disease.
  85. Effect of acetylcholine deficiency on neural oscillation in a brainstem-thalamus-cortex neuro computational model related with Alzheimer’s disease.
  86. Transplantation of PSC-derived myogenic progenitors counteracts disease phenotypes in FSHD mice.
  87. Impact of overestimation of fractional flow reserve by adenosine on anatomical–functional mismatch.
  88. Collective total synthesis of C4-oxygenated securinine-type alkaloids via stereocontrolled diversifications on the piperidine core.
  89. A hybrid binary dwarf mongoose optimization algorithm with simulated annealing for feature selection on high dimensional multi-class datasets.
  90. A machine learning analysis of COVID-19 mental health data.
  91. SICA-mediated cytoadhesion of Plasmodium knowlesi-infected red blood cells to human umbilical vein endothelial cells.
  92. Reactivity disturbance suppression method for small modular reactors based on core coolant flow control.
  93. Experimental investigation of wave-particle duality relations in asymmetric beam interference.
  94. Generation of multipartite entanglement between spin-1 particles with bifurcation-based quantum annealing.
  95. An immune-related microRNA signature prognostic model for pancreatic carcinoma and association with immune microenvironment.
  96. Low quality antibody responses in critically ill patients hospitalized with pandemic influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus infection.
  97. Validity and reliability of a questionnaire developed to explore quality assurance components for teaching and learning in vocational and technical education.
  98. Small, correlated changes in synaptic connectivity may facilitate rapid motor learning.
  99. Leukocyte glucose index as a novel biomarker for COVID-19 severity.
  100. Effectiveness of a computerized clinical decision support system for prevention of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis.
  101. Assessment and aesthetic impact of a long-term vertical discrepancy between the single anterior maxillary implant-supported crown and adjacent teeth: A retrospective cross-sectional study.
  102. The effect of two calcium phosphate-containing agents on the enamel resistance of permanent molars to demineralization: An experimental study.

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Top 50 Medical Research Topics for your Dissertations

medical writers usa

Dissertation Writing is a complete academic process that involves thorough research and the first step of your dissertation journey starts from topic selection. After topic selection you start planning your dissertation writing and research process. This blog post will help you select topics for medical and nursing students.These are not final topics but they can trigger your mind in selection of the topic.

Your topic selection should have the potential to become a scholarly dissertation in order to meet your final degree requirements. IT should be original piece of research work with value to the world of knowledge and research. It should uncover new facts and should give new insights to the existing literature.

Below are some dissertation topics for medical researchers and students who want to pursue their master or doctoral degree.Each topic may be further explored to address specific problems and research gaps that scholars and students can address while doing applied research.

The significance of measures of various companies and organizations in response to sudden outbreak of COVID19.


What are the strategies needed to be implemented by the organizations to take important and effective measures against COVID19?

What policies must be implemented by the government of the countries for the organizations to combat against COVID19 and avoid reoccurrence of the disease?


There is limited data and information present about an action plan and set of strategies which must be implemented within the organization; therefore, we have conducted this research to provide a pre-designed action plan and set of strategies to take preventions against COVID19 in future.


Considering the current situation of the global world, it has become essential to evaluate the immediate remedies and designing future strategies so that countries could combat against such viral diseases.

The recent researches and responses of various countries for the treatment of COVID19.


What are the current preventive measures taken by different countries to fight against COVID19?

Which countries have been dealing with COVID19 in the most appropriate and effective manner and how?


The data and information have been collected by WHO from various countries, however there is still a limited amount of information presents with respect to the most actionable and important preventions against the disease.


The core objective of this study is to find out the issues faced by the countries in preventing and controlling the disease from spreading.

Origin of corona virus, its major causes, and the death rates in different countries and their response to the outbreak.


What is the main origin of Corona virus?

How the disease outbreak has been dealt by various countries and states?

What are some of the major causes for prevalence of the disease?


Although researches have been conducted about the major causes and prevalence of the disease, but there is still a gap in the studies about preventive measures for the disease which is needed to be focused in depth.


The main purpose of this study is to provide detailed information to the readers about the main causes, risk factors, reasons for spreading frequently and other aspects of COVID19 to enlighten them about different aspects of the disease.

The evaluation and assessment of Corona Virus outbreak, its reasons of expansion in the world and trends among the countries towards the virus.


What are the main sources for spreading the disease, and its modes of transmission?

Which type of preventable actions have been taken by the government of different countries?

Which are the countries most affected by the disease and why?


Since, the spread of Corona Virus in the entire world is still a mystery to resolve, and there are still no exact findings about its reasons for expansion, therefore we have conducted this detailed evaluation upon the reasons for the outbreak of the disease in entire world.


The study has been conducted mainly to analyze the major reasons due to which its rapid spread has occurred in the entire world. In addition, a detailed evaluation has also been performed to analyze the trends of the disease in different countries, and how they have been coping with the disease, medically, spiritually and religiously.

Evaluation and assessment of literary sources with respect to COVID19 and responses of various authors about the outbreak.


What information has been proposed after authentic research and evaluation from the official resources about COVID19?

How the literature, which has been written under COVID19 can be considered authentic and reliable about the disease?


Although multiple journals and research institutions have been thoroughly investigating about the corona virus disease, but it is also important to identify the authentic resources. Provision of authentic and reliable data has not been identified yet and there is limited information present about the assessment of literature published about the Corona virus disease. 


The core objective of this research study is to perform detailed evaluation about the literature which has been published about COVID19, and perform assessment and comparison of theories and knowledge proposed y different authors to reach to certain conclusion and facts about the Corona virus disease.

Prevalence of Postpartum depression among women in USA, and its effective treatment methods.


What are some important treatment methods for the Postpartum depression among women?

What is the current prevalence rate and epidemiology of postpartum depression among women of US?


Very limited data has been published about the prevalence rate of women presented with postpartum depression, as well as there is no sufficient information about epidemiological aspects of the disease within US.


The primary reason for choosing this topic is considering the rapidly increasing prevalence rate of postpartum depression among women, and since there is limited data present about the disease and most of the individuals are not aware of it, therefore we have selected this topic to provide maximum information about the condition and its associated risk factors to the readers.

Health management concerns for the bedridden patients and detailed analysis of rehabilitation centers within Saudi Arabia.


Why the increasing number of bedridden patients within hospitals and rehabilitation centers have became a problem for the health care management?

What are the important actionable items which can be used for improving the current health conditions for the people of KSA?


Considering the issues and complications faced by the country, it has been reported that very insufficient amount of information has been present about the consequences faced by the healthcare institutions due to bedridden patients, therefore a detailed research has been conducted with this regard.


The primary reason for selecting this topic is to enlighten the issues to the government, which are faced by the healthcare practitioners due to bedridden patients as number of occupied beds causes difficulties for the newly admitted emergency patients.

Prevalence of alcohol abuse and energy drinks among female students within KSA and analysis of its impact on their study patterns.


What are the primary reasons for abundance of alcohol abuse and prevalence of energy drinks among female students in KSA?

How the environmental conditions and social aspects of the universities and educational institutions contribute in increasing the rates of alcohol intake?


Since, the issue has been rapidly increasing and adversely affecting the female students of KSA and their study patterns, but the issue has not been highlighted and thoroughly researched by the researchers, therefore this research study has been conducted to provide facts and statistics about the prevalence rate of energy drinks within the country.


The core objective of this study is to find out the complications in studying due to intake of alcohol and other energy drinks. Also, the changes which are brought due to increasing rate of energy drinks on their performance and activities of female students have also been the primary factor for selecting this topic as it is important to identify the changes in studying patterns due to alcohol intake and how it negatively affects the entire country.

Evaluation and assessment of epidemiology and prevalence of childhood obesity within the population of USA.


What are the epidemiological aspects of childhood obesity among the population of USA?

What are the primary reasons for increasing childhood obesity for the citizens of USA?


Since, very limited amount of data and information has been published about the major reasons due to which the rate of obese children have been increasing within USA, therefore a detailed research analysis has been conducted in this repost to identify the eating patterns, and reasons for increasing obesity among children.


The major purpose of this research study is to evaluate and identify the reason associated with childhood obesity, and to also discuss about the preventive measures which must be taken by the government of USA to control its increasing rate.

Assessment of the increasing rate of mortality among the individuals of USA due to Diabetes Mellitus.


What are the epidemiological aspects for mortality of individuals due to diabetes in USA?

What are the primary reasons for increasing death rate of individuals due to Diabetes Mellitus?


The epidemiological aspects of the patients with Type 2 DM, has been constantly changing. Therefore, the current statistic report for the death rates of individuals due to DM have not been thoroughly researched, which will be highlighted and focused in this research study.


The primary reason for selecting this topic is to highlight the current statistics of death prevalence rate of individuals due to DM in USA.

Analysis on the patterns of physical activity changes among men and women, with the help of using E-health platforms and evaluating the positive effects on lives of people.


What are the major impacts of E-health platforms on transforming the physical activity patterns among individuals?

What are the major sources and types of E-health platforms used for transforming the physical activity patterns among individuals?


Since, the technology which has been taken under consideration is one of the latest and most advanced technologies therefore very limited data has been present about the effectivity of the application, therefore the study has been conducted to analyze its efficacy on the lives of individuals.


The main purpose of selecting this topic is to identify the E-health platforms which are responsible for increasing physical activity among individuals in a controlled manner.

Analyzing the increasing rate of borderline personality disorder among individuals, and its association with childhood maltreatment and trauma.


What are the major reasons for increasing number of patients with borderline personality disorder?

What is the relationship between childhood trauma and maltreatment with development of borderline personality disorder?


Since, the disorder which ahs been taken under consideration is one of the rare conditions, therefore sufficient data and research is not available related to it. This research will help in covering some unknown and rare aspects of the disease which were not identified previously.


The primary reason for selecting this research topic is to ensure that health care practitioners must be sufficiently informed about different aspects of the disease so that it could be easier for them to acquire a positive therapeutic approach.

Proposing important and significant policies for the organizations to combat with future occurrence of COVID19 outbreak and take important preventive measures.


What are the strategies which must be implemented within the organizations to combat against future occurrence of COVID19?

How the preventive measures will result in controlling the spread of the disease?


Corona virus is one of the leading causes of death of the people all over the world, however there are limited amount recommendations and guidelines for the organizations to deal with this condition.


The major objective for this research topic is to provide a detailed strategic plan to the companies, to acquire rapid prevention from COVID19 and to transform the environment of the organization so that it could combat with the reoccurrence of the disease.

The impact of infrastructural changes and modifications, which has helped in reducing the pollution levels and secured environmental conditions within Shanghai.


What type of changes within infrastructure of a city might result in reduced pollution?

What types of pollutions are discussed in the research study?


The research which has been conducted under this topic mainly involves detailed analysis within the infrastructures of the cities, which has helped in controlling the pollution, and avoiding certain diseases from spreading due to pollutants within the entire city, which has not been discussed in other literary sources in detail.


The major purpose of this study is to find out some changes and modifications within the infrastructures of the cities, resulting in reduced pollution, as pollution is one of the major aspects of the society resulting in increased prevalence of diseases.

Critical analysis and review of Cardiovascular diseases associated with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and its therapeutic approaches.


What is the relationship between Cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?

What therapeutic measures can be taken to reduce the chances of occurrence of CVD in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?


Although multiple researches have been conducted showing the relationship between these two diseases, but limited data has been present about the important therapeutic regimes which can be provided to the patients to avoid occurrence of CVD in patients with DM.


The core objective of this research study is to perform detailed analysis upon relationship of CVD with DM, and to provide an action plan based on important strategies for the healthcare practitioners, which can be implemented for rapid recovery of the individuals from the disease.

Leadership management and its positive or negative effects on the staff members within healthcare sectors of Pakistan.


What types of leadership management methods are being followed in Pakistan?

What are the primary effects of leadership management styles being followed within Pakistan on the staff members of healthcare sectors?


There is a major gap in research studies and analysis about the leadership management styles within the healthcare sectors of Pakistan, therefore this research has been conducted to provide effective leadership management strategies to the higher authorities of healthcare sectors of the country.


The mere reason for selecting this topic is to enlighten the healthcare departments about different leadership styles, so that they could implement them within their organizations and manage all the operations effectively.

Critically evaluating some different processes and steps with the help of which release of Human Growth Hormones can be increased in your body.


What is Human Growth Hormone and what is its significance within our body?

What are some essential steps which can be taken to regulate the release of Human Growth Hormone within our body?


The field of endocrinology has been thoroughly researched from every aspect, however, different methods and steps which can be taken to regulate release of Growth Hormones still lacks greatly.


Therefore, the research study has been conducted to provide sufficient information to the people through which they can perform self-regulation of their Human Growth hormones without consulting to the medications and doctors.

Detailed analysis and critical evaluation of Sickle Cell Anemia and its prevalence among the children of USA.


Which type of women are most likely to develop the disease of Sickle Cell Anemia within their newborns?

What is the prevalence rate of Sickle Cell Anemia among the children of USA?


There is a huge gap in literary sources published, explaining the current and latest statistics of children in USA who have been diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia, therefore detailed analysis has been performed to find out the facts and figures about the disease.


Since, healthcare is one of the major sectors, which largely affects economy of a country, therefore it is essential to investigate about the measures which can be used for preventing the by-birth diseases in children, therefore this topic has been selected for further investigation.

Evaluating the emergent concept of Patient Assisted Suicide among the teenagers and response of different healthcare practitioners towards it.


What is the concept of Patient Assisted Suicide, as defined by different authors and researchers?

What are the chances for legalization of Patient Assisted Suicide in different countries of the world and what is the current status about it?


Although the concept of Patient Assisted Suicide has been investigated by number of researchers, but this study mainly focuses upon the idea of legalization of this concept in different countries. The study is somehow a debate between the supporters and offenders of this concept, on the basis of which we have concluded our own perceptions.


The primary reason for choosing this topic is to highlight some measure issues of the society and grab attention of the governmental officials to resolve such issues.

Prevalence of Cardiovascular diseases among the Aboriginal individuals of Australia and therapeutic approach towards the disease.


What are the current epidemiological rates of Cardiovascular diseases among the Aboriginals of Australia?

What therapeutic regime must be provided to these individuals?


There are considerable limitations of the studies about CVD within Aboriginals of Australia, however, reasons due to which increased or decreased prevalence has been observed is also been debated in this study.


The major reason for selecting this research topic is to identify some primary reasons for CVD among Aboriginals, and its association with the political and legal issues.

Detailed assessment and evaluation of the employee’s mental health within the workplaces, holding difficult and complex environment and company settings.


What is the relationship between complexity of the organizational environment, and employee’s mental health?

What are the strategies which must be adopted by the employees to deal even with the complicated and difficult environment?


Employee’s wellbeing is one of the major objectives of a company however some of them fails to achieve that. There is a considerable gap in terms of provision of appropriate strategies to the employees to deal with difficult and complicated environment therefore detailed research has been conducted with this regard.


The mere reason for selecting this topic is to provide detailed guidelines and instructions to the employees with the help of which they could cope up with complex workplace environment. In addition, it will also help in identifying occurrence of other diseases due to compromised mental health of the employees.

Evaluation of the prevalence of childhood obesity and its association with a compromised Socioeconomic background of the children within Australia.


What are the effects of compromised socioeconomic conditions of children with their obesity?

What are the current epidemiological rates for childhood obesity among the children in Australia?


There is insufficient information about the relationship between compromised socioeconomic background of the children and development of obesity among them.


This topic has been chosen for further research to provide the schools and primary educational institutions with appropriate guidelines with the help of which they can control dietary habits of the children.

Critical assessment of the important measures taken by Activ to support the disabled individuals within Australia and developing the required skillset among them.


What is the role of Activ in developing productive skills among disabled individuals?

How these skills have helped the disabled individuals to live an independent life within the society?


Researches have shown that there is insufficient emphasize upon the role of Activ for participation in increasing productivity among disabled individuals. Therefore, the research ahs been conducted to promote other organizations for performing the similar responsibilities as well.


The primary reason for selecting this research topic is to critically evaluate the functions performed by the organization for the wellbeing of disabled individuals in making them independent.

Association of Vitamin B12 deficiency with oral intake of Metformin in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A qualitative analysis.


What is the relationship between Vitamin B12 deficiency and Metformin?

What other medicines can be taken by the patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus?


A fewer number of researchers have focused upon the relationship between the condition of Vitamin B12 deficiency and oral intake of Metformin, which is usually prescribed for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, therefore this study will help in identifying the issues, and possible therapeutic approaches will also be discussed in detail.


The core objective for selecting this topic is to evaluate the gaps and lacking in researches about the aforementioned topic, and to discuss about the alternative therapeutic approaches which can be prescribed to the patients with Type 2 DM.

Detailed assessment of prevalence of hepatocellular carcinoma, and its associated causes, symptoms and therapeutic approach towards the disease.


What are the primary reasons for occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma?

What type of therapies are possible in patients with severe stage of hepatocellular carcinoma?


Since, the final stage of HCC, is usually untreatable for most of the physicians, and very less literature is present to discuss about the possible remedies, therefore we have critically discussed about all types of therapeutic options which can be chosen for the treatment of the disease.


The primary reason for selecting this research topic is to provide maximum information to the physicians about the treatment of the disease even in the most severe stage.

The role of paramedical staff members and nurses in provision of appropriate and adequate healthcare services and treatment to the patients.


What are the basic responsibilities and role of paramedics in provision of treatment regimens to the patients?

How their responsibilities ensure a smooth treatment plan for the patients?


There was a huge gap regarding the role of paramedical staff members regarding their role and responsibilities in the healthcare sector.


The mere reason for selecting this topic is to perform a detailed assessment upon the responsibilities and functions needed to be performed by paramedics and its significance in the healthcare sector.

Evaluating the significance of Internet of Things, in provision of high quality and standard of healthcare services to the patients.


What are the newer modifications and technological changes in healthcare sector, which are influenced by IoT?

How these modifications have helped in improving the treatment methods for various diseases?


Very limited amount of data has been present about the newly emerging concept of IoT in healthcare department.


In order to find out various discoveries using IoT services, the research has been conducted to highlight the major discoveries and new modifications in medicine.

Role of ecommerce in promotional and marketing activities of prescription and nonprescription drugs.


What is the main role played by ecommerce services in marketing of the drugs?

To what extent is the consumer behavior influenced by these promotional activities through ecommerce?


As ecommerce is considered as one of the highly emerging trends of the current world, but limited data has been present about its role in the healthcare sector.


The primary reason for selecting this topic is to identify the trends of ecommerce in healthcare sector and efficacy of these methods for their treatment.

Effects of the advertising campaigns through digital media and marketing via social media platforms and its effects on consumer’s purchasing behavior.


What are some prominent advertising strategies used by pharmaceutical companies for promotion of their products?

How the consumer’s buying behavior is affected by these marketing strategies?


The information and data about consumer’s buying behavior after watching the advertisements on digital and social media has not been focused by most of the researchers.


In order to identify the role of digital and social media marketing and preferences of consumers in purchasing certain prescription and nonprescription drugs, the research study has been conducted.

Evaluating the development of resistance towards various antibiotics, and the alternative medicines provided to the patients for the treatment of bacterial infections.


How resistance towards certain antibiotics develop within human being?

What are the alternative treatment methods for dealing with resistance of antibiotics?


Development of resistance towards antibiotics is a long-lost research topic, however very limited data has been present about the alternative therapeutic regimes towards this resistance.


The mere reason for selecting this topic is to find out the issues associated with resistance development within human beings due to antibiotics and how the challenge can be resolved by using alternatives.

Evaluating the role of vaccines in controlling prevalence of viral infections in the world, and historical epidemiology and emergence aspects of these viruses.


What is the role of vaccinations in controlling spread of viral infections?

What is the epidemiology and prevalence rate of certain viral infections all over the world?


Since most of the researchers have not focused upon the epidemiology within lower level and underdeveloped countries, therefore this research study has focused upon these aspects.


In order to find out the prevalence of viral diseases in underdeveloped countries, the research study has been conducted.

Significance and efficacy of the process of liver transplantation in patients with liver cirrhosis and the alternative treatment options.


How much the process of liver transplantation is effective for the patients with liver cirrhosis?

To what extent liver transplantation increases life expectancy of the patients?


The researchers and authors have not merely focused upon the efficacy of liver transplant for patients with liver cirrhosis.


The study will also focus upon the alternatives which can be used for the patients with liver cirrhosis other than liver transplant.

Assessment of prevalence of sleep apnea and hyperactivity disorders in patients with hyperthyroidism.


What is the relationship between sleep apnea and hyperthyroidism?

What is the relationship between hyper activism and hyperthyroidism?


Majority of the researches have focused upon the causes and symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism; however, sleep apnea and hyper activism are such symptoms which cannot be directly associated with hyperthyroidism therefore researches are greatly lacking with this regard.


The primary reason for selecting this topic for further research is to focus upon association between hyperthyroidism and sleep apnea and hyper activism which ahs not been performed previously on a large extent.

Challenges faced by Japanese healthcare sectors due to increasing rate of old aged population in their country, and the possible solutions to combat with this issue.


What are the major reasons for increasing rate of old aged individuals within Japan?

How the country has been coping and facing the challenge of increasing old age population?


Although sufficient data and information has been present about the epidemics of increasing old age population, but a very limited has been published about the underlying causes and root factors associated with this increase.


The objective of this research study is to analyze different trends and patterns of increasing old aged population within Japan and what are the measures and remedies taken by the country to deal with the issue.

Investigation and evaluation about the ongoing researches on breast cancer and significance of the literature in providing treatment to the patients.


What are the current researches and literature published about the ongoing epidemics of breast cancer?

What are the therapeutic methods used for combatting against breast cancer?


The research studies about the prevalence of breast cancer and the latest trends in therapeutic methods for the treatment of the disease are greatly lacking from the literary sources.


The mere purpose of selecting this topic is to ensure that the current advancements and researchers for the treatment of breast cancer are efficacious and effective.

Assessment of the correlation between alcohol ban and recovering healthcare conditions of the people within European countries.


What is the effect of alcohol abuse on healthcare conditions of Europeans?

How much there is a positive effect on healthcare conditions of Europeans after banning alcohol abuse?


As discussed earlier, the alcohol abuse had been highly prevalent within European countries, however after its ban in majority of the countries and restriction to certain age, the outcomes on healthcare conditions of people have not been researched.


The research study is designed to analyze the positive effects on health of individuals due to illegalization of alcohol intake.

Challenges faced by the government due to rapidly increasing mental health disorders, and its effects on economy of the country.


What are the primary reasons for increasing mental health disorders in various countries?

What are the effects on economy of the countries due to increase rate of mental health disorders?


There is no enough data and information which explains the relationship between mental complications in patients and its effects on the economy of the entire country although it may be indirect impact on overall health economy.


The research topic has been selected to analyze the challenges faced by government due to increase in mental illnesses of individuals.

Analysis of the economic crisis and downfalls faced by different countries due to sudden outbreak of COVID19, and their strategies to cope up with the challenges.


Which countries have faced the major economic crisis due to outbreak of COVID19?

What are the health challenges faced by these countries?


As Corona virus is the most recently occurring disease therefore very fewer number of sources have discussed about the economic challenges faced by the countries due to its prevalence.


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the current challenges faced by the country and to analyze their economic downfall due to the disease.

Epidemiological aspects of Cardiovascular diseases in the patients of USA, and detailed analysis of the literature published with this regard.


What is the prevalence rate of Cardiovascular diseases within patients in USA?

What does the previous studies show about the epidemiology of Cardiovascular diseases in USA?


The research study will help to identify the prevalence of CVD in individuals from different communities of USA like Aboriginals, Hispanics, Americans and African Americans, which has not been focused previously


The reason for selecting this topic is to identify reasons for increasing prevalence rate of the disease in different communities of USA.

Prevalence of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases among the patients in United Kingdom and the major risk factors and causes associated with it.


What are the major causes for spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases?

What are the risk factors associated with its spread among the people of United Kingdom?


There are limited number of resources which have collaboratively discussed the prevalence rate of AIDS and its effects on the nations and countries.


The main purpose of this research study is to evaluate the risk factors associated with AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Effects on economy of Pakistan due to unhealthy nation, and the increasing rates of pollution within their environment.


What are the major causes of increasing pollution within Pakistan?

How the unhealthy nation affects the economy of a country?


The data resources greatly lack about the effects of unhealthy activities of nation on the economy of Pakistan.


The mere reason for selecting this topic is to evaluate negative impact of unhealthy nation on economy of the country.

Evaluating the impact of tobacco and caffeine intake on Cardiovascular system and hepatocellular system of human body.


What are the adverse effects of tobacco and caffeine intake on CVD of individuals?

How hepatocellular system of humans is affected adversely due to caffeine and tobacco consumption?


The information about relationship between caffeine intake and its adverse effects on hepatocellular system are not sufficiently available.


Therefore, in order to provide and perform detailed assessment on the risk factors associated with caffeine and tobacco intake on hepatocellular system has been discussed in detail in this research paper.

Assessment of the role of marijuana for medical and healthcare purposes, and its impact after legalization for therapeutic functions.


How marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes?

Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes in all the countries of the world or not?


As marijuana has been widely used by the researchers for treatment purposes, but there is a very limited data and information present about the consequences of its legalization.


The research will mainly focus upon the negative impact of its legalization on a global level.

Detailed assessment of the long-term usage of steroids on the overall health conditions of individuals.


What are the adverse effects of long terms usage of steroids on human health?

How the use of steroid can be levelled up to the therapeutic level?


Steroids have been widely prevalent in the world, however its optimum levels for usage has not been clearly defined and identified by most of the researchers.


The major reason for selecting this research topic is to focus upon the average levels of steroids which must be used by the people, and not over exceed up to the dangerous levels.

Analyzing the relationship between emotional and psychological heath of an individual with his physical fitness and overall wellbeing.


What are the effects of mental health on physical fitness of an individual?

What are the remedies and strategies which can be used by the individuals to regulate their mental and physical conditions?


The researches about the physical fitness and its association with mental wellbeing lacks in the literary resources.


Therefore, this topic has been selected to highlight the relationship between mental and physical wellness of human beings.

Investigation of the first appearance of Corona Virus and its onsets of epidemics in different countries of the world.


What is the primary source of Corona virus and its spread in the entire world?

What are the current epidemics of the disease?


As COVID19 is one of the recently occurring diseases, therefore multiple confusing researches are present about its outbreak and emergence of the disease.


The study is mainly conducted to identify the primary reason of spread of the diseases in the entire world and its current prevalence rates.

Role of stem cells regeneration in increasing the life expectancy of individuals with various disorders.


What are the effects of stem cell regeneration process on the life expectance of individuals?

What are the various methods for stem cells regenerations?


Since, stem cells regeneration is one of the most advanced researches and evolution in medicine therefore the topic has not been discovered and discussed in detail from the researchers.


The mere objective of this research study is to highlight efficacy of stem cells regeneration on life expectancy of individuals.

Analysis of the facts and myths regarding Ebola virus, E. coli, Coronavirus and other types of viruses and bacteria.


What are some of the weird myths and misconceptions associated with different viruses?

What are the real facts and statistics about these viruses?


The researches have mainly focused upon the epidemiology and prevalence of the viral diseases caused by these viruses but there is limited data about the myths and misconceptions of the diseases. 


The study is intended to identify the false stories associated with the disease and to investigate the root causes of these myths.

Assessment of the epidemiological aspects of Ebola virus, its emergence and major risk factors and causes associated with the disease.


What are the prevalence rates of Ebola virus in the world?

What are some major risk factors and root causes associated with the disease caused by Ebola virus?


There is limited data present about the abundance and epidemics of the disease and very fewer factors are present about the disease.


The major objective for this research study is to find out the main causes associated with the diseases caused by Ebola virus.

Role of healthcare practitioners and researchers in developing the treatment against Ebola virus.


What are the roles and responsibilities of healthcare practitioners towards development of Ebola virus treatment?

What is the therapeutic approach of these practitioners towards the treatment of Ebola virus disease?


There is a very limited data present about the disease which are caused by Ebola virus and this requires further researches.


The core objective of this research is to perform detailed analysis on the treatment methods for the diseases caused by Ebola virus.

How to write a Literature review for your Dissertation

literature review wiring tips

Writing a literature review is the first part of your dissertation.


The literature review is a composed review of significant compositions and different sources on a chosen subject. Sources shrouded in the survey may incorporate academic journal articles, books, administration reports, Web-sites, and so forth. The literature review gives a depiction, rundown and assessment of each source. It is normally exhibited as a particular segment of an alumni proposal or exposition.

A decent literature review doesn’t just précis sources, it targets to,

  • Evaluate, understand and critically assess the literature.
  • Produce sources to highpoint outlines, subjects, conflicts, and gaps.
  • Demonstrate the state of existing facts in relative to a significant study question or hypothesis.

You will learn

  • When do you need to compose a literature review? 
  • Gather, assess and choose literature. 
  • Discover associations and subjects. 
  • Design your literature review’s structure. 
  • Compose your literature review.


If you compose a proposal or paper, you should lead a literature review to arrange your exploration inside current information. You may remember it for the presentation or theoretical framework, or it may be a different part that precedes the methodology and results segments. 

You may likewise be allocated a literature review as an independent paper. The substance will appear to be somewhat unique for each situation; however, the way toward leading a literature review will follow similar advances.



Before you start looking for literature, you need a barely characterized theme. 

In the event that you are composing the literature review section of a thesis or research paper, you will look for literature identified with your examination issue and questions. This is the initial phase in accepting the condition of information on your theme before you start your own study. 

In the event that you are composing a literature review as an independent task, you should pick a concentration and build up a central question to coordinate your research. Not at all like a thesis research question, must this inquiry be liable without gathering or creating new information. You ought to have the option to answer it dependent on an survey of current distributions.

Dissertation research question

In what manner can the fulfilment of organization X’s online clients be improved so as to build client dependability? 

Literature review research question

What is the connection between client gratification and consumer reliability?


Start by making a list of keywords identified with your examination subject and question. Certain valuable databases to look for journals and articles include: 

  • Your university’s library catalogue.
  • Google Scholar.
  • JSTOR.
  • EBSCO.
  • Project Muse (humanities and social sciences).
  • Medline (life sciences and biomedicine).
  • EconLit (economics).
  • Inspec (physics, engineering and computer science).

At the point once you locate a valuable article, check the reference list to discover increasingly applicable sources. To distinguish any significant productions that didn’t appear in your keyword search, observe repeating references. In the event that similar writers, books or articles continue showing up in your perusing, make a point to search them out. You can discover how frequently an article has been referred to on Google Scholar; high reference tallies mean the article has been compelling in the field.


You most likely won’t have the option to peruse totally everything on the theme start by perusing the abstract to decide if the article is valuable. You should assess which sources are generally significant and applicable to your inquiries. 

For each publication, ask yourself:

  • What question or problem is the author addressing?
  • What are the qualities and shortcomings of the study? 
  • What are the key ideas and how are they characterized? 
  • What are the key hypotheses, models and strategies? Does the examination utilize built up systems or adopt an imaginative strategy? 
  • What are the outcomes and finishes of the investigation? 
  • How does the publication identify with other writing in the field? Does it affirm, add to, or challenge built up information? 
  • How does the publication add to your comprehension of the point? What are its key bits of knowledge and contentions? 

Ensure the sources you utilize are tenable, and ensure you read any milestone studies and significant hypotheses in your field of research. The extent of your survey will rely upon your point and order: in the sciences you generally just analyse latest literature, however in the humanities you may take a long authentic viewpoint (for instance, to follow how an idea has changed in importance after some time).



As you read, you ought to likewise start the composing procedure take note of that you can later consolidate into the content of your literature review. It is critical to monitor your sources with references to avoid plagiarism

It may be useful to mark an explained bibliography, where you bring together full reference data and compose a section of outline and investigation for each source. This encourages you recall what you read and spares time later all the while. You can utilize our free reference programming to rapidly make precise and reliable APA references or MLA design references.


To start sorting out your literature review’s contention and structure, you have to distinguish connections between the sources you’ve perused. In light of your reading and notes, you can search for: 

  • Tendencies and outlines (in principle, strategy or results): do assured methodologies become pretty much or less popular after some time? 
  • Subjects: what questions or ideas repeat over the literature? 
  • Discussions, clashes and inconsistencies: where do sources oppose this idea? 
  • Essential publications: are there any compelling hypotheses or concentrates that altered the course of the field? 
  • Gaps: what is absent from the literature? Are there shortcomings that should be tended to? 

This progression will assist you with working out the structure of your literature review and (if relevant) show how your own examination will add to existing information.


There are different ways to deal with arranging the body of a literature review. You ought to have a harsh thought of your procedure before you begin composing. Contingent upon the length of your literature review, you can join a few of these procedures for instance, your general structure may be thematic, yet each subject is examined chronologically.


The easiest methodology is to follow the improvement of the point after some time. Be that as it may, in the event that you pick this methodology, be mindful so as to keep away from basically listing and outlining sources all together. Attempt to break down examples, defining moments and key discussions that have formed the heading of the arena. Give your understanding of how and why certain advancements happened.


If you have discovered some common main subjects, you can sort out your literature review into subsections that address various parts of the point. 

For instance, on the off chance that you are checking on writing about imbalances in transient wellbeing results, key subjects may incorporate medicinal services strategy, language boundaries, social frames of mind, lawful status, and monetary access.


If you draw your sources from various disciplines or fields that utilization a diversity of research techniques, you should look at the outcomes and conclusions that rise up out of various methodologies. For instance: 

  • See what consequences have risen in subjective versus quantitative research. 
  • Examine how the theme has been drawn nearer by exact versus hypothetical grant. 
  • Divide the literature into sociological, authentic, and social sources.


A literature review is frequently the establishment for a theoretical framework. You can utilize it to talk about different hypotheses, models, and meanings of key ideas. You may contend for the pertinence of a particular hypothetical methodology, or consolidate different hypothetical ideas to make a framework for your exploration.



Similar to some other scholastic content, your literature review ought to have a presentation, a principle body, and a conclusion. What you take in for each relies on the goal of your literature review.


The introduction should obviously create the emphasis and determination of the literature review.

Dissertation literature review

In the event that you are composing the literature review as a major aspect of your paper or thesis, repeat your main issue or research question and give a short outline of the insightful setting. You can underscore the practicality of the point (“numerous on-going investigations have concentrated on the issue of x”) or feature a hole in the writing (“while there has been a lot of research on x, barely any scientists have spiced over y”).

Stand-alone literature review

If you are composing an independent paper, give some foundation on the point and its significance, talk about the extent of the writing you will survey (for instance, the timespan of your sources), and express your goal. What new knowledge will you draw from the writing?


Contingent upon the length of your literature review, you should distribute the body into subsections. You can utilize a subheading for each topic, timeframe, or methodological methodology. 

As you compose, you can follow these tips: 

  1. Summarize and synthesize: give a review of the central matters of each source and consolidate them into a reasonable completeness.
  2. Analyse and interpret: don’t simply summarize different analysts include your own translations where conceivable, talking about the hugeness of discoveries corresponding to the writing all in all.
  3. Critically evaluate: notice the qualities and shortcomings of your sources 
  4. Write in well-structured paragraphs: use changes and theme sentences to draw associations, examinations and complexities.


In the conclusion, you must outline the key discoveries you have taken from the writing and accentuate their noteworthiness.

Dissertation literature review

If the literature review is a portion of your thesis or dissertation, show how your examination tends to gaps and contributes new information, or talk about how you have drawn on existing hypotheses and techniques to assemble a framework for your study.

Stand-alone literature review

If you are composing an independent paper, you can talk about the general ramifications of the writing or make recommendations for future research dependent on the gaps you have recognized.

Once done composing your literature review, remember to edit proofread before offering it to other people.





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What is Term paper? How to write it Perfectly

While attempting to write a term paper many of us fail to actually understand what a term paper
actually is and what the correct way to write it is. Term paper is widely described as any type of research
paper written by students throughout the period of their studies, also known as research paper,
accounting for the major part of their final course grade. The paper showcases student’s understanding
of the topic and the subject. To write a highly graded term paper, many skills are required including
proper research, time management, writing skills etc.

Now let us go through some steps on how to write a term paper.

Step 1: Select a topic and research on it thoroughly.

Usually your instructors provide you a list of topics to select from but sometimes you have the freedom
to choose your own topic. When given such a chance use it to your utmost advantage. Developing a
suitable and creative title is also a skill so brainstorm for ideas before selecting your title. Always choose
a topic that you have a good understanding of, one that you are interested in, and which has a lot of
material available for reference. Read as much as you can about all aspects of your research topic from
all possible sources including web, newspapers, books etc. Make sure your topic attracts the readers
throughout the paper.

After selecting your topic concentrate on the details it has. If the topic is too broad it will make writing
the paper very difficult. Narrow down your topic so it fits the paper appropriately. Ask questions
regarding the topic throughout the term paper, here regard the topic as hypothesis rather than
conclusion. This will help you in building your opinion about the topic as you write the paper.

Step 2: Format of term paper.

Before actually writing your term paper prepare an outline of your paper. This will guide you through
the paper more fluently. The structure of your paper should be thoroughly researched and well
organized. The paper format usually depends on you course, where they provide you with a certain
format themselves. Don’t forget to always add reference to you work. Term papers are writing
assignments so the commonly used citation method of APA or MLA.

Following is the most commonly used format for a term paper.

  1. cover page
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Table of contents
  4. Abstract
  5. Introduction
  6. Literature review
  7. Research methodology
  8. Data integration and analysis
  9. Critical debate
  10. Conclusion, recommendations and limitations
  11. Results
  12. Reference

Step 3: Write your proposal sample

The proposal of your term paper is like an official outline of your research. It should completely explain
your topic and research in the briefest way possible. For this, you can choose the most important parts
of the paper and use here.
The most common proposal format that can be used is given as follows.

  • Title
  • Objectives
  • Research Question
  • Thesis Statement
  • Methodology

Step 4: Write your paper

Writing a paper yourself is not easy but it can be done if you really are interested in writing it. The major
section of the paper is taken by research so be thorough with it. Find as much information as you can to
support your topic even while presenting it in front of people. Don’t rush your research. Give it time and
effort only then will you be able to write a brilliant paper.

Step 5: Edit and proofreading the final copy.

Proofreading and editing your paper before you submit is essential. Spell-checking is only the first step
of proofreading. Spellcheck can detect wrong spelling but cannot defect wrong words. Therefore,
proofreading is essential. Being careless means you are not serious enough to write a good term paper.
Make someone else give a read to your paper and mark the mistakes they find. Too many errors will
make you lose your readers.

Does this assignment seem to be mission impossible? Or still worried how to get it done. We are here to help you in your term paper. Contact us for a FREE quote and Consultation.

Top 10 Medical Research topics for Phd Dissertations

medical topics for dissertation

Topic selection is the first step while opting for your Phd dissertation or research work. Topic selection seems very simple but it’s not that so simple because your topic will only be approved if it fill the research gap which you can only decide after reading few research papers. Sometimes your supervisor can help you in topic selection but most of the time you have to do at your own to get the approval.

Following are some topics in medical field that you can narrow down to your specific area of interest or region and then get it approved from your university.

  1. Evaluation of occurrence of nosocomial infections and the efficacy of prophylactic regimen among patients in the trauma ward The research topic aims to assess the frequency of development of infections in patients in the trauma wards. As much as the practice involves putting all patients on prophylactic antibiotics, the effectiveness of the medicines is not a guarantee. The topic will thus enable determination of the efficacy of the recommended microbial preventive regimen. Data from the study can hence be used to suggest changes, including dose and medicine adjustments, that should be implemented to curb nosocomial infections occurrence, thus fastening the patient’s recovery.
  2. A study of antimicrobial resistance patterns among inpatients on antibiotic treatment for tuberculosis – Antimicrobial resistance among various infectious microbes is an international public health menace. Reports have shown bacterial resistance in all classes of antibiotics. Conversely, the development of new bacterial resistance is a norm in today’s world. The study will enable the identifying of any new pattern of resistance to a specific antibiotic. The recommendations of the research will then give the possible measures to take to address the emerging resistance pattern if any. Furthermore, the discovery of new resistant strains of bacteria can result from the research. 
  3. Assessment of the financial burden experienced by complex chronic conditions patients in their management – Ailments such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes, among associated lifestyle diseases is continually becoming a threat. These conditions, in most cases, require a life term management as they are not curable. For this reason, managing the conditions come with a large chunk of expenditure. The research topic will enable suggestions to enable affordable treatment options in addition to measures that are already in place to ensure the same. The study can identify emerging causes of the burden and suggest solutions for the same in the bid to reduce the cost for the patients.
  4. Evaluation of causes of depression and mental health awareness among school-going teenagers – Depression is a common problem among teenagers and results in suicidal thoughts, as most suicides involving adolescents are a result of depression. This research will hence identify the causes of depression and recommend the measures to take to avoid the precipitating factors. Additionally, the awareness of teenagers of mental health is an essential factor in reducing depression. It is equally important to assess the apprehension as, without it, most teenagers will be prone to l with a consequent increase in suicide cases.
  5. Assessment of the benefits that have come with the implementation of eHealth by public health facilities – Digitization of the health sector is one of the critical pillars of Primary Health Care targeting to achieve the Universal Health Coverage. The research topic is to enable evaluation of the performance of the health sector with the use of communication and information technologies. It is vital to determine the efficiency of eHealth inpatient treatment while recommending changes and adjustments to make to attain its full potential in proficient health services delivery. Consequent, the study will help improve the performance of the sector of health. d  
  6. Maternal adherence to their children’s vaccination schedule and childhood vaccination perception and barriers – Childhood vaccination is essential is preventing children from contracting contagious and life-threating diseases in the course of their lives. Compliance of mothers to the schedule of immunization is hence equally of the essence, but this is not usually the case in some instances. The study seeks to find out the rate of adherence to immunization plan and establish any occurrence of non-compliance. Generally, an individual’s perception is a crucial determinant of whether they will take part in something or not, and this applies to vaccination too.
  7. A study of knowledge, attitude, and practice of gallstones patients and their caregivers towards herbal medicine use in treatment – Recurrence is a significant problem associated with conventional gallstones treatment. Additionally, the cost of treatment is also very high. Considering herbal medicine as a treatment option could be part of solutions to standard medicine problems. The research topic will ensure establishing the awareness of the patient of herbal treatment alternative. For the patients already using the herbal remedies determining efficacy will be possible. Recommendations on the incorporation of herbal medicine in cost effective treatment of gallstones can arise from the study. 
  8. Evaluation of the practice of managing patients with chronic conditions at home with comparison to hospital admission of the patients – Home-based chronic patients’ management is nowadays a common practice. The study will address the benefits of the exercise. The number of patients with chronic conditions is on the rise; hence, overstretching of hospital amenities would occur if the admission of every single one of the patients occurs. Managing these patients at home is a convenient alternative. Research on the same will come up with ways of strengthening the practice to make it accessible and reduce the burden put on hospitals by growing numbers of inpatients. 
  9. The effects of exposure to nature on the moods of patients diagnosed with depression –Management of depression majorly focuses on behavioral and drug therapy though other several methods are equally valid. There is evidence showing that exposing a patient to nature, sunlight included, can be used in depression management. The technique is not that involved in terms of medical personnel. The research aims to establish the effectiveness of the method and recommended it for use as it is convenient and cost effective, making depression management successful using a more straightforward technique. 
  10. Assessment of risk factors associated with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) using patient profile and evaluation of the management of SLE – There several documented predisposing factors that precipitate SLE. The study bases on confirming that these factors, indeed, are evident in patients with the disease playing a role in its development. The research will further look into the treatment plan for the patients to find out if the employed remedies are efficient. From the results obtained, the study will recommend the various measures to take to reduce exposure to the modifiable risk factors and also necessary changes and adjustments in the drug therapies the patients are on.

We can also help you select your dissertation topic after getting some questions from you so you can start and finish successfully with you dissertation. We can also help you collect data from doctors and patients regarding some specific medical research. Don’t hesitate to contact us or email at [email protected] where you will get response within few moments.

Difference between proofreading and editing

Some people use proofreading and editing almost interchangeably. I could not be more wrong. While both terms refer to a later writing process, they generally denote very different things.


The proofreading refers to the act of correcting errors in writing. In the current writing environment, this involves carefully analyzing the written text to discover typographical errors, misspellings, grammar failures and other similar errors.

For the most part, proofreading requires great attention to detail, a keen eye and a focused mind. Good review, in particular, is usually a function of experience and a good knowledge of publication standards. The more you have done it, the greater the chances that you will detect those errors when they occur. Many of the functions of the revision can now be handled by good writing software in English.


Editing, on the other hand, is a broadly general term that carries many connotations, depending on what the parameters of a particular job are. However, when used in conjunction with the review, editing generally refers to the act of reviewing the copy.

The editing process usually involves revision as a natural part of the work. Beyond that, however, editing involves checking and solving mechanical errors. Your data does not match? That gets stuck in the editing phase. Your thesis is not sufficiently well supported? That decision is reached during the edition as well.

A good distinction between the two is to think of correction as a purely technical effort, while editing implies more creativity.

Even publishers have problems with this. What is the difference between proofreading and editing? Many people believe they are the same, only to feel unhappy when an editor returns a page that has been corrected but has not been edited. Read on and let this blog inform you of the differences between the two, so that when you place an edit order, know what to request.

The wonderful thing about proofreading and editing is that, while they are really different (despite popular opinion), both are necessary for the writing process. A document should always be examined for content and then examined for errors, thus ensuring a publication without errors of which the author can be proud. There can never be too many sets of eyes in a document before publication, and professional editors and reviewers of Professional Book Editing Services like our experts are available to help you at any time.

The usage of academic editing services like FederalWriters can bring several benefits in their own way. Here are some of them:

Compliance with APA standards:

 APA has been the conventional writing style for academic work, which requires certain guidelines to follow. FederalWriters   have qualified editors will edit to improve their paper, making sure they meet all APA writing style requirements, including spelling, grammar, use of words, writing style, use of the right voice in the text, etc. In this way, you can be sure of the quality of your paper.


In addition to being qualified for the job, expert FederalWriters editors and proofreaders are also trained to communicate the necessary modifications, corrections, if any, in their piece and even offer suggestions to improve their writing in the process.


If you are a student, clarity determines the quality of your academic work, which in turn determines your qualification. The accuracy and clarity of your article are equally important if you are a writer, as it shows your professionalism. experts in academic editing services are experts in identifying any disorganized or repetitive content along with the technical corrections required in their writing so that the documents are accurate and of high quality.

Time saving:

Delivering the review work to a professional editing service makes your next step easier and faster. Experts often return with the format, editing and corrections required in less than a day, which allows you to advance to your next job quickly, with your publications and presentations that are made on time.

Grant Writing Tips for 501 (c) (3) Organization

Grant writing requires deep knowledge and expertise before you can expect any handful grant for your non profit. If you are startup then it need some more insight before you can qualify for Federal grant. Your organization overall purpose can provide strong background to make you eligible for grants. They typically fund organizations that qualify for public charity status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IIRC. These are organizations whose purposes are charitable, educational, scientific, religious, literary, or cultural. To make your organization qualified for funding you need to make your goal very specific so it can give unique look to your grant providers.This will better serve the purpose for your organization funding goals.

If you or your organization team member is not expert in writing a grant application then there is no need to take risk and take expert help. You should never hesitate to hire a successful grant writer who will increase chances of success.Successful grant writers understand the need for creating a well thought out grants calendar and adhering faithfully to the organization’s mission.

Crafting a grant proposal to meet a particular funder’s interests, even though it drifts from the organization’s mission, can be tempting; but should always be avoided.

Here are some tips from funding agencies to make your grant proposals more successful.

  1. The need. Clearly describe the need of your project and explain how it will be helpful for the community. What value your project will add to the community in terms of health,education or whatever value will be added.Try to explain “how” and “why” in your needs.
  2. Differentiation and Uniqueness. You have to make your organization work different than other competing organizations.Tell how your organization’s work is different from other nonprofits. Ask people who will be the beneficiaries of your organization funding the unique value it will add to their life. 
  3. Make a difference. State how this grant will make a difference in the community.what value they will get in long term and how it will bring change to their lives? remember the change should be measurable and responsive.For example, if you want to supply the clean water then remember their need and must serve the majority of the community.IF their finance do not allow to get clean water then your organization must ensure the clean water to the target people.

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